Pricing and Tagging


When pricing your items, ask yourself, how much would I pay for the item at a consignment sale?

  • Think to yourself if I was the buyer would I pay that much for the item.

  • Once you've decided on a price, are you willing to let the item go at a discount? If not, no need to click on the discount option.

  • Need some assistance with setting a price? Check out Consignment Mommies Pricing Guide.

Here are some suggested guidelines for larger items:

  • Swings - $15 - $60

  • High Chairs - $15 - $50

  • Pack-N-Plays  - $20 - $60

  • Activity Play (Jumperoos) - $15 - $50

  • Umbrella Strollers - $5 - $15

  • Single Strollers - $15 - $80

  • Double/Triple Strollers - $50 and up

  • Car seats - $20 - $100

  • Car Seat Stroller Systems - $40 - $125

  • Cribs - $50 - $150

All clothing must be at least $1.00 and will increase by $0.50 increments.

Discount Days (for marked items)

  • Discount Day 1 is 50% off

  • Discount Day 2 is 75% off


You will be using a user friendly online tagging system to manage your inventory. You will be able to view your sold items at the end of each day. 

What you'll need:

  • Hangers (wired preferred, but not required)

  • Safety Pins

  • Packing tape

  • Plastic wrap (you can use to wrap around puzzles, toys, books, etc.)

  • Plastic storage bags (if needed for multi-piece items)

  • 60-67 lb white card stock paper for printing tags. Card stock is Required

  • Rubber bands

All clothes must be on hangers:

  • Wire hangers are preferred, but plastic are accepted if you already have them handy. (Dry cleaners will often give you free hangers when you use their services) Check with local dry cleaners to see if they have some they are getting rid of.

  • Hang or pin (with safety pins) clothing to the top of the hanger so that when looking at the front of the clothes, the open part of the hook is on the left, like the shape of a question mark: ? (See example below)  Place the tag on the right shoulder with a safety pin. (See example below)

  • Pin sets securely by hanging the shirt first, then turn the hanger over and pin the pants/skirt by the waist to the backside of the hanger. This prevents the clothes from sliding. (See example below)

  • When pinning pants alone, pin the waist over the top part of the hanger to prevent pants from sliding. (See example below)

  • Please group by gender and size and then rubber band them together


  • Connect the pair together securely with zip ties, or sturdy string/ribbon.

  • Tag shoes using a large safety pin that is passed twice through the middle of the tag to the side of the shoe. You can also punch a hole in the tag and thread your string/ribbon through the tag. (You may need to tape around the hole to prevent it from tearing. 

  • Do not place shoe sets in baggies. You want buyers to be able to see the shoes up close.


Toys/Equipment/Loose Items:

  • All items need to be in working condition and clean. Place any small parts in a clear Ziploc bag with the tag attached to the outside of the bag very securely with clear packaging tape. Secure bags closed with tape to ensure that pieces do not fall out.

  • Puzzles: Use plastic wrap for wooden board puzzles by wrapping completely around with the pieces in place, then tape over the wrap to secure the ends. Tape the tag to the outside of the wrap. Make sure all pieces are in boxed jigsaw puzzles, then tape the box closed and tape the tag to the outside.

  • Books and videos: Simply tape the tag to the outside of books and videos. Use Scotch tape or masking tape instead of packing tape as it may tear the cover.

  • Book set: Sets of books must be grouped in a plastic storage bag or wrapped in shrink wrap. Tape the top closed and tape bar code to outside of plastic storage bag.

  • Large items/Furniture: Tape or tie tag securely to the outside of the item. *All larger items/furniture will need to be fully assembled before leaving drop-off.*

  • Baby carriers/slings: Pin these items with a safety pin to a hanger (with the hanger facing the same direction as clothes-see above) to prevent the carrier from falling to the floor. Then secure the tag with a safety pin to the upper right side when looking at the front.

  • Car-Seats: Car seats must be less than 5 years old for safety reasons. (See manufacturer date on the seat.

  • Loose items: Place bibs, bowls, sippy cups, etc. in a clear Ziploc bag with the tag taped to the outside of the bag. Tape bags closed to keep items in and hands out.

  • Smaller infant toys: Sell well by placing several items together in a Ziploc bag and taping tag on outside.

  • Linen: Comforters, blankets, sheets, towels should be attached to hangers

Printing Tips

  • Tags must be printed on card stock. Do not use copy paper.

  • Don't print too dark, it is better to print a little light than too dark. Don't print on the "High Quality" setting. Print on the normal setting. This is especially true for inkjet printers. Some card stock papers can absorb the ink when it is sprayed too dark, causing the edges of the bar code to be fuzzy and not scan. The edges of a bar code need to be crisp.

  • Align your print cartridges. Printer cartridges in inkjet printers can get out of alignment, especially when you change cartridges. This can cause the edge of the bar code not to be clean and straight. There should be a utility that came with your printer software that allows you to align the print cartridges.

  • Do not use designer card stock. Designer card stock that is fibrous can soak up ink from an inkjet and cause the edges of a bar code to be fuzzy. Use a standard dense card stock. Avoid card stock with a slick surface, as it can cause ink to smudge.

  • Don't scale the printing - when actually printing the tags, do not adjust the scaling on the page. Instead, print at 100%, just like the tag is generated. If you use a shrink to fit option, or if you change the page scaling to something other than 100% it can adjust the size of the bar code, which adjusts the gaps between the dark bars and can cause the bar code to not scan.

  • Print to .pdf format - If you experience problems with the format of the tag in the browser you are using, try printing the tags in .pdf format to help standardize the formatting across browsers.

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