Drop Off /Check In/ Pick Up

Drop Off

We intend for your drop off to be swift and efficient. Here are the steps to prepare for your drop off to ensure a super quick process

  • Sign up for a drop off appointment in the consignor portal

  • Make sure all items are tagged. Clothing should be on hangers (follow instructions on Pricing and Tagging page).

  • Using plastic totes or sturdy boxes, place your consignor number on the side using a full sheet of paper and tape or you may use a marker to clearly write your consignor number.

  • If you are donating your items after the sell, there is no need to bring your items in totes. You may bring items in boxes as long as you will not need them back.

  • Place clothing and small items in plastic tote(s)/sturdy box(es)

  • Bring plastic totes/boxes, toys, and equipment to your drop off appointment

  • If you are not donating all unsold items at the end of sale, they will be returned to you in your totes/boxes at your pick up appointment

Check In

On the day of your scheduled drop off, please visit the check-in table before unloading. We will go over the seller agreement and give you your pre-sale passes.

  • Check-in at the consignor table and receive pre-sale passes

  • Unload your totes/boxes, toys, and equipment and bring them in the building

  • Reassemble any large items

  • We take it from here. There is no need to wait on us as we want this to be as hassle free for everyone.

  • We will inspect and sort your items. Any items that are deemed unacceptable will be placed back in your totes/boxes to be returned to you after the end of the sale or donated if selected by consignor.

Pick Up

If you are donating your items then you will not need a pick up appointment. Your check will be mailed to you. We want pick up to be as fast and efficient as check in.

  • Upon arrival at the sale location, check in at the consignor table with valid ID to receive your check

  • Items are sorted by consignor number and placed in your plastic totes

  • Disassemble any large items that did not sale

  • Check the lost and found area for items that lost their tag during the sale

  • Check out at the consignor table and your done

Special Notes

  • Any items not picked up during the pick up time become the property of Anchored Treasure LLC

  • If someone other than the consignor is picking up you must provide their name ahead of time and they must show valid ID.

  • Checks are valid for 6 months. Any checks that are not cashed within the 6 month period are forfeited to Anchored Treasure LLC

  • Any checks not picked up during the pick up schedule will be mailed to the address on file.

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