Aloft Pre-Tagging

Aloft - In the rigging of a sailing ship. Above the ship's uppermost solid structure; overhead or high above.

No time to enter, print, and attach tags? Would you like us to help?

We will take your freshly laundered items, place them on hangers, sort, and tag them. You get 50% commission on items that sale. Any items that don't sale are automatically donated at the end of the sale. We also charge a $10 fee to cover expenses such as paper, ink, clothes hangers, etc. The supply fee is take out at the end of the sale so no money is due up front. Aloft Pre-tagging closes out 3 weeks prior to the upcoming sale.

How it works

Consignor Responsibilities:

  • Fill out the form below to notify us that you want us to pre-tag your items.

  • Prepare items for drop off:

    • Clean your items, including laundering your clothing items and wiping down toys and equipment.

    • Inspect to make sure all electronic toys have batteries, chargers, and accessories. Make sure they are in good working condition.​

  • We  will schedule a meeting with you to pickup your items. Remember to send them in a condition that you would buy.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Sort and hang items

  • Enter items into our inventory

  • Print tags and affix to items

  • Transport items to sale

Important Notes

  • The percentage for concierge tagging consignors is 50%

  • There is a $10 fee to cover the expenses (paper, hangers, safety pins, etc.)

  • You will still receive a pass to shop at the consignor pre-sale.

  • We reserve the right to reject any items due to the quality, theme, or other circumstances of the items.

  • We reserve the right to donate or dispose of stained or defective items that we come across during the tagging process. If we come across an issue with a larger accessory, furniture/equipment item, or toy that prevents us from selling it then we will contact you to find out what you want us to do with the item. However, we do not have the time to do this for smaller items (clothing items, accessories, small toys, etc)

  • Due to the amount of time that it takes to sort items, non-seasonal/non-sellable clothing items that are mixed with seasonally appropriate items are forfeited by the consignor and become the property of Anchored Treasure LLC.

  • Please hold any seasonally inappropriate items unit the next sell. Review our acceptable items page for more information.

Aloft Pre-Tagging Registration

To register as an Aloft Pre-Tagging consignor please fill out the form below. Begin preparing you items for drop off. We will contact you to setup an appointment to receive your items.

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