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Melissa and Chris Triplette, co-captains of Anchored Treasure

Ahoy Everyone!

Welcome to Anchored Treasure! We are so happy you have taken the time to visit our website.

My name is Melissa Triplette and I am the co-owner of Anchored Treasure. I have always had ambitions to have my own consignment sale for some time.

I have been married to my middle/high school best friend since 2011. We have one son born June of 2018. He is the light and joy of both of our lives. We spent almost 8 years living in Lexington, North Carolina until moving to Kernersville, North Carolina in the summer of 2019.  Back in Lexington, we lived next door to my parents, enjoying the beauty of the country. Due to my dad's health issues, my parents now live with me. I try everyday to absorb every memory made as I enjoy our blended family.

I have unfortunately learned the hard way to treasure every moment spent with loved ones. I am the oldest of 4 children and the only girl. At least six and half years older than all of my brothers, I always felt like a little mama. Two of my brothers were twins. My sweet Mark and Michael. They both were born with congenital heart defects. Extremely rare for twins to share the same condition. We had no idea how much our lives were about to change. From 1999 to 2006, we embarked on many hospital visits, procedures, and a total of 3 open heart surgeries between them. In October 2006, after doctors tried and tried, we lost our precious Mark at the young age of seven. After Marks passing, Michael endured multiple procedures, two open heart surgeries, and one lung surgery. He was unfortunately diagnosed with heart failure in February of 2014. From 2014 to 2017, Michael dealt with the heart failure head on. He graduated high school third in his class, visited his happy place (Disney World and Universal Studios), and collected many Harry Potter wands along the way. Unfortunately in 2017, half way through his first college semester, Michael suffered a massive heart attack. The heart attack was too much on his frail body and caused the heart failure to worsen. He fought harder than anyone I know but unfortunately passed away in late November of 2018, at the age of 19. He had a passion to live and our hearts and lives will never be the same without him.

Mark Harris

7/4/1999 - 10/20/2006

Michael Harris

7/4/1999 - 11/29/2018

Throughout both of Mark and Michael's medical journeys, the Ronald McDonld House of Winston-Salem impacted our lives in such a humbling way. Anytime the boys would have a procedure at Brenners Children's Hospital my family would stay at the Ronald McDonald House. We received many meals, friendly conversations, and warm hugs. It was our home away from home on many occasions.

When I had the idea of having our own sale, Michael was still persevering on his fight. I decided to put this dream on hold because to me family is the absolute most important thing. After realizing it was time to start making this dream a reality, I knew that giving back had to be at the forefront of this journey. Michael loved the Ronald McDonald House and always had a passion to give back whenever possible.

I want this sale to impact the lives of each and every family staying at Ronald McDonald. We all have the potential to change the world for good. There will be many opportunities to impact this wonderful place and I am so excited.

I am also doing this in memory of two of the best things that have ever happened in my life. Mark and Michael both taught me to chase dreams because we never know our amount of time. They taught me to tackle everything head on and to keep persevering in whatever you do. In the end always remain humble and treat other the same no matter what difference we may have.

It is my hope to meet so many new people and I cannot wait. Lets face it with kiddos we always accumulate stuff. This sale is a great way to recycle and reuse while helping one another out. I have learned since having my own kiddo just how expensive kids items are brand new. This is a way to enjoy gently used (in some cases brand new things) at a fraction of the original cost. I know in my heart this sale is going to be amazing.

I look forward to my personal growth as a wife and mother as I navigate through this journey. As always, I humbly welcome any feedback as I want this to be a sale that occurs twice a year in all the years to come.

I am so excited!

Anchors Away...


Georgia Harris, Melissa's Mom


and Oliver Triplette, First Mate

Chris, Melissa, and Oliver

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